I have dreams.

Weird dreams.

Not scary or insightful, but ENTERTAINING. At least to me.

So I will blog here when I have a dream. They are usually odd… I figured I entertained my girlfriend with these odd dreams in the morning and she’s always stated that she wished she had my dreams. As I find them amusing, I’ll share them with anyone that cares to read about them.

I won’t change any details of the dreams, but I might add some character names or the like and write them like short stories. I think it might add to the fun. Feel free to comment!

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My Girlfriend – The Furniture Thief

So a few points about my girlfriend, Meghan, before I detail this one. First of all she’s really nice, and definitely not a forceful person. She’s not one of these people that will get pissy if they don’t get their way, and it very easy to be around. She’s also not got the strongest upper body strength. This will factor in…

We were down in Vancouver. Down in the heart of the city. It was a cool, sunny day. We were both smiling and happy. Why? Because we were heading to one of our favorite restaurants, Travista’s. In clear dream logic, this place does not exist to my knowledge. But damn, the food was supposedly good!

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Cross Dressing Nazi Zombies

The United States Marines moved forward among the ruins of the castle. Shells fell in the countryside around them. Far enough away that the visual reference of the ground being shattered was lost on the men, but close enough that the deafening sounds and vibrations were felt.

There were only five in the squad now. The rest were gone in the initial assault. They had to clear the castle of the enemy. Lt. Guy signaled his men forward to the remains of the northern ramparts. Following his every gesture the troops took cover and firing positions.¬†As they moved to the stairwell to the upper ramparts, the familiar sounds of Gewehr 43 rifle’s rang out at the other squadrons that were taking position below. This was it. Guy gave the final frantic gestures to move forward and take the ramparts. The men moved forward and broke from cover.

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